We are Middle and High School students all in for Jesus. For us, Jesus is the only option, and we will give everything to see our generation saved. We believe the message of Jesus belongs to everyone and if we don’t bring it, who will? Jesus is our best friend. Our schools are our mission field, and now is our time to go. We are Circuit Rider Youth.
God’s plan for our lives is so much better than what the world can offer. If Jesus has given us the BEST path for our life, why would we not follow it? For us there is no PLAN B! We are all in for Jesus and we’re hungry for more. We love the Bible whole heartily and we worship God with everything we do. We are not alone, we’re in this together. His love has changed our lives and He can change your life too!

Empowered By YWAM Circuit Riders



Will you rise to the Challenge?

This is for those of us who chose to commit one school semester to get coached and gather others for Jesus. Get one-on-one coaching from a CR Youth Staff to deepen your walk with Jesus and develop a detailed plan on how to catalyze the youth in your school and beyond.

Apply to be a part of our Youth Catalyst Challenge this Fall 2020!

The latest drop of thoughts, testimonies, and teaching that’ll keep us on fire for Jesus.

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Discover the power of encountering Jesus by setting aside time and joining hundreds of other students to seek God. Don’t miss out, join us this Summer and be on the lookout for new camps this Winter.

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